AWANA Bible Quiz 2010

Two years ago, Gianna had her first Bible quiz. She did not want to answer one speed question b/c it terrified her to get up in front of others and recite Bible verses. I don't blame her. Last year she told us that her goal was to answer at least one speed question during the next Bible quiz. And she did. She also answered all eight multiple choice questions correctly. But this year, her third year, she not only answered all eight multiple choice questions correctly, but she went on to answer three speed questions, getting all three correct; however, the third question she gave more Scripture than they asked for and, therefore, was technically incorrect. For that reason, she was not able to take home the highest honor, the honorary award. But in my book, she did it. She overcame her fears, and she worked very hard to retain so many Bible verses. We are extremely proud of her. Good job, Gianna!
Stephen and Gianna before quizzing
Daniel, Daniel, Andrew, and Lorenzo waiting for quizzing to begin.

Monet, Asa, Kuulei, Emily, Sophia, and Gianna also waiting for quizzing to begin.

After quizzing: Ms. Ronquillo and her Truth and Training girls with their awards.
Pastor Mike, Gil, and Stephen, who won an honorary award for answering all multiple choice and three speed questions correctly.
Gianna won first place in book three, Emily and Kuulei won second place in book two, and Asa won second place in book one.

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justice2842 said...

Gianna, I am very proud of you on your knowledge of the Bible. Keep up the great work.

Grandpa Funaro