Lorenzo's Mission Trip to Arizona

Victor Valley Bible Church sent some of our young men and adults to Sanders, Arizona, on a mission's project to help one of our missionaries mend fences and repair structures for her horses. Lorenzo was part of the project. After they returned, they spent some time showing us pictures and telling us what some of the high points and low points of the trip were.

Mr. Galindo showed us a slide show while Mr. Yavonovich, Brian, Mr. Bell, Nate (all in front) and Brandon and Lorenzo (in back) listen. (Daniel and Christopher were not present.)
Lorenzo is raising his hand because Mr. Galindo had asked who returned with a greater appreciation for the comforts of home. The group had to sleep in tents and brave the elements every day.
Everyone is laughing because Lorenzo said that his high point was sitting down to eat a meal everynight with everyone, and his low point was waking up with bugs in his tent.

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