Heroes Quest: A New School Year

This school year we are trying something different -- a theme with other families. Heroes Quest: Mt. Olympus and the Guardians of the Flame. Our children will prepare for a challenge to rescue Western Civilization by studying the Ancients of Greece and Rome. Their history is our history; and our Founders studied them, also. In turn, I hope to instill in my children a profound appreciation and gratefulness for their American heritage. Their first task began last week in which they took an inventory of their strengths, talents, and character traits. That was Know Thyself week or, in Latin, Nosce te ipsum.
For the next couple of weeks, it is DHS Training, or Double Heavy Sword. On Monday, they were presented with a rudis, a heavy wooden sword, used by Roman soldiers in practice. In fact, this one in the photos was made and used by the great Roman soldier, Gibertus Maximus. (He's really awesome.)
These next couple of weeks they will use their strenghts, talents, abilities, and personality traits to create a demi-god character in which they will use to defend Western Civilization. They will come up with a name, a costume, a motto, and anything else that captures their essence.

And finally they will work on a collection of heroes whom they admire and learn from. These may be Bible characters, people in their family or church, historical figures, or even fictional characters in books they have read.
To be continued...

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Milan Alexandria said...

THAT IS THE COOLEST way to instill American heritage & learn about our history!!! I most definitely wouldn't have slept through history class if it had been taught to me like that. Truly, great idea!!!