Marching Through History - Chino, CA 2010

This is a field trip we took to Chino to see Marching Through History, a pagentry of military units from the Ancient Roman Legions, Vikings, Pirates, Early Europe, Revolutionary America, Civil War America, 1900s Europe and Russia, Mexican-American War, WWI, WWII, Korean, Vietnam, and ending with new recruits heading off to the Middle East. These units come from all over the world, set up their camps, and get into uniform. We even witnessed a re-enactment of battle between the American colonists and the Redcoats, or Lobsterbacks, as they were taunted.

This is the pass in review beginning with the Roman Legions and ending with the new recruits. These are not all of the units and time periods, but you may recognize some of them:

I hope to go again one year, but when the kids are older. They complained of the heat, as it was very hot and muggy. Imagine what these guys had to go through in wool uniforms and boots. And every time the cannons went off, which was often, Eva cried. So we did not stay to see the Civil War re-enactment or the Gladiators fight. : (

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