Blue Ridge Trail, Wrightwood, California

Blue Ridge Trail in Wrightwood is a four mile hike round trip.  It takes you to the top of Mt. High Ski Resort. We enjoyed a beautiful day hiking with our Awana club.  It is definitely a moderate trail, but since we are not regular hikers, tonight we are going to be hurting.
Starting out at Victor Valley Bible Church in the morning.
Eva began in a carrier, but soon asked to get down and walked the remainder of the way up and all the way down again.
Pastor says a prayer before our trip begins.
Daniel, Andrew, and Lorenzo

Mrs. Chandler helps Vincent uphill.
This baby pine tree will grow up to be a giant one day.
The guys liked to go at their own pace.

Now Vincent is getting a few pointers about hiking with Pastor Mike.
Vincent, Eva, and Sophia at the top of the trail.

Gianna and Stephen
Time to head down

Gil and Eva
Gil and Vin
Vin and Eva were such champs the entire trip.  Although it was difficult, they rallied to the end.  Sometimes Gil had to carry them, and sometimes we had to stop and rest.  They may not want to go for a walk for awhile, but they were true sports today. 
At least the baby carrier came in handy for something.

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