Closing Night Ceremonies

Our school year has officially come to an end; however, growing in knowledge never ends.  While we marked a close to the theme, learning continues as we take what we have studied and memorized into the world with the intent of being a better citizen and patriot; yet, as Nike declared, we will from time to time need to re-light the flame that burns inside us.
 The heroes gather at the beginning of the evening.
 The goddesses assemble, too.
 Each family came up to present their mementos to the other families.  Ours was a letter of gratitude.  Some families gave out baby olive trees or jasmine plants, others gave a poem, a song, or a short story.  Then I had to present to my children a certificate of completion for memorizing the Declaration of Independence, Preamble to the Constitution, verses of the national anthem, and numerous other items, like important dates and people in American history.  Gianna and Sophia were awarded tickets to see the musical Annie in July, and Lorenzo was given permission to buy a PS2 or some gaming device thing that he has wanted.
 I was supposed to remember to ask the kids, while I was up there, what their favorite part of the year was, but we were FREEZING TO DEATH (AL GORE!), and I did not remember.  Earlier Gianna told me that her favorite part was field trips, but so were the presentations.  Sophia said her favorite part was the theme song we always sang.  Lorenzo said he did not know, but I would guess it was his Latin class and all their adventures.  My favorite part was the field trips because they were such a benefit to our year.
 Here is Lorenzo and his Latin teacher and class.
 And here are Sophia, Vin, and Eva taking cover inside because it was unbearable outside in the wind and cold.  We did not dress appropriately for WINTER!!!
 The final part of the night was the singing of the theme song and the lighting of the torch.  And then everyone went inside for good to eat fruit and drink nectar.
Such an awesome night and year, and I cannot wait for next year!!!

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