First Day of School

Monday, which was yesterday, I called the kids together and shared this message with them:
This was to prepare them for their first school day.  In addition, I had them watch a video on "the Medieval Knight" in order to get them familiar with some of the things we will study, such as heraldry, chivalry, the Crusades, and so on.  I also gave an overview of how our day SHOULD flow: 
Wake up at 7 AM, eat, clean up, get ready for the day, and start school by at 8 AM.  
We shall see how long that holds.

Today was our first school day, and already there were events which occurred that were not in my plans.  On Sunday, my three-year old fell on her elbow and hurt herself.  Since Monday was a holiday, we had to wait for today to call for an orthopedic doctor.  So, in between encouraging children on their first day of school and trying to keep their attention with little distraction, I was making phone calls to doctors, my husband, and vice versa.  Oh, also, the City Inspector stopped by for some other business.  Home school moms cannot avoid these unscripted situations; it is just life, and life becomes the real lesson.

This was our day:
 My fifteen-year old is really on his own. His high school class begins next Wednesday, and they will study a second year of Latin, do literature/colloquium, writing/composition, drama/public speaking, and component projects and presentations.  He is also going to take Intermediate Algebra at our local college.   Here he is reading his first book: The Once and Future King by T.H. White.  He also take piano lessons, and usually does his piano practice in the morning.

 I spend most of my time with the younger ones.  This morning we learned our new song, "Miles Christi Sum," which means Soldier of Christ, written by our homeschool moms over the summer.   Then I had the girls paste the song into their journals.

We covered Ephesians 6:10-13, the beginning of our Scripture memorization for the year.  Then they began copying it into their journals.  I am planning to do a lot of copying this year in HIGH HOPES of improving handwriting AND spelling.  (Please, please, please...)

While the older ones did their copy work, the toddlers colored pictures and practiced writing letters, and I read from The Story of the Middle Ages by Christine Miller and The Making of a Knight by Patrick O'Brien.

They also copied and colored the logo for the school year into their journals and then colored them.  This is Gianna's cover page.  

The rest of the day consisted of a short grammar lesson, a longer math lesson, lunch, and then botany.  And later, Gianna and Sophia are supposed to practice their music on their own.

  Every year I try to plan our days based on past experiences and with the intention of making it better.  For example, this year I scheduled literature, in which I read aloud to them, for the morning, because I have found that reading after lunch makes me feel sleepy.  I have even dozed off while reading to my girls.  I have heard of other moms who walk around while they read.  That would probably work, but I thought I would try reading in the morning, and today it worked out well.  

Next week will change because we will add Awana and Latin to our schedule.  All of the kids will be in Awana on Wednesday nights, and Gianna will be taking Latin with a younger group of kids in our homeschool group.  We shall see how it goes.

Stay tuned...  

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