St. Andrew's Abbey in Valyermo, CA

Today our group visited a monastery in Valyermo.  
It was such a beautiful day, and of course that just added to the peacefulness of the enviornment. 

These are the types of ceramics they make here at the abbey:

First, the kids learned calligraphy.

While Vin and Eva are not ready for calligraphy, they were able to color.

Next, half of the group went through the ceramic building on the grounds of the abbey, while the other half learned Gregorian chanting in another part of the building.  Then we switched.

Here, Vincent found a real relic....a phone booth.

The girls are waiting before they had to go to Mass.

While the group was in Mass, I opted to keep Vin and Eva out because Brother Bede suggested that everyone must remain silent.  They could barely keep quiet for 30 seconds, never mind 45 minutes!
So we sat outside and bird watched.  We saw quails, two hawks flying overhead,
a black phoebe, 
 a plain titmouse,
and a male American robin.

 After Mass, the kids had lunch and then Brother Bede took us for a tour of the refectory and a question and answer session within the chapel.
 These are some of the sights within these buildings:

 Brother Bede taking questions:

 And a final moment with Brother Bede:


Brittany said...

How do you know all the bird names? Do you keep a bird guide with you? Or do you just have them memorized? Thank you for sharing the day in detail!

Ruth Lopez said...

We have a small bird guide for the Southwest, and we have seen pictures for these birds. Except for the black phoebe, we've yet to see many of them in the High Desert. Then I saw them at the abbey, and I was able to get pictures of them!