Color Wheels and Frescoes Using Plaster

Last week we experimented with frescoes using plaster of Paris, since we would be hosting key point day at our house and Lorenzo would dress up as Giotto, the great Italian fresco painter.  He would present to the group who he was and what frescoes were.  Then the kids would make their own frescoes.  

But first I had to try it out myself to see how to do it.
First, we mixed 1/2 cup water with 1 cup of plaster in a bowl until smooth.
Next, we poured out the plaster into our tin pie plate and let it sit for 15 minutes.
You can also use a heavy duty wax-coated paper plate.
While the plaster set, we worked on our color wheel, mixing primary colors to get secondary and intermediate colors using paper plates as our pallet:

When we finished our color wheel, we were ready to paint our frescoes, which were slightly wet.
Be sure not to press too hard with your brush, or you can leave indents in the plaster.

Then we let them dry overnight and popped them out of the tin the next day.

Sophia, age 7

Gianna, age 12

This is my fresco of St. Francis.
You can see where I pressed too hard with my brush and made marks into the plaster.


Amanda said...

I hear it was a big hit!! I can't wait to try it out the way you did it.

Bridey said...

Wow! I didn't realize you were an artist, Ruth. I am excited to try it, too. I heard everyone loved it.

Ruth Lopez said...

Thanks, Bridey! It is a lot of fun, so I hope you guys enjoy it.