The Summoning of Everyman

The Summoning of Everyman
presented by the young adult Latin class:
Everyman is the best surviving example of Medieval drama known as the morality play.

Here is our Greek Temple converted into a Medieval stage:

Here are the characters...


Everyman and Fellowship (Lorenzo):

Cousin, Everyman, and Kindred:

Goods (notice he is loaded down with his possessions):

Knowledge (Lorenzo) and Everyman:

Confession, Knowledge, Everyman, and Good Deeds:

Five Wits, Discretion, Strength, Everyman, Good Deeds, and Knowledge:

After Everyman gives up his spirit, Good Deeds remains, and Knowledge speaks:


The End:

And they presented their professor with a gift:

This is the best high school drama class Lorenzo never wanted to participate in.
(But I am so glad he did!)

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