Clay Candle Holders

My kids know that we are going to have an art and music year, but since writing week, I have not told them any details, though they have asked.  To get them thinking like artists, we did art today for fun.  Using Art in Action 2 by Maja Pitamic, we studied this piece by Giuseppe Pelizza da Volpedo, whom I have never heard of even in all my years of art history classes.  Nonetheless, this is "Flowers in a Meadow" done in a pointillism style:

The project was to make a candle holder using the colors found in the painting.
First we had to roll out 4oz. of Polymere clay (each):

Roll out to 1/2 in. thickness: 

Fit the clay over a small cup (covered with plastic wrap) the size of a tealight candle and, using a pencil, poke holes around the sides:

Bake the clay as per directions on clay package.  When it cools, paint the inside only.
When the paint dries, cover the inside with a layer of clear PVA glue.

When the glue dries, add your tealight, and ta dah!


Tori said...

You always have fun ideas! thanks for sharing with us =)

Ruth Lopez said...

You're welcome!