Shape a Face

Today's art project, also from Art in Action 2 by Maja Pitamic, we recreated a portrait 
by Amedeo Madigliani - Portrait of Anna Zborowska.
This is the original:

After pencil drawing the outline of the portrait on paper, 
Eva and Vin are painting the background in red and yellow.

 Once the red and yellow paint dry, go over the background with black water color using a sponge.

Next add about three or four orange color vertical stripes on the yellow.

 Next paint the face, hair, shirt, collar, and broach.

When the face is dry, you can use pencil to sketch the facial features, and then go over them in black paint.  We even used a toothpick to make the black outlines. 

Sophia, age 7 (before she had technical difficulties with the face): 

Mine, age adult: 

Vincent, age 5: 

Eva, age 3.5: 

Gianna, age 12.5: 

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