Premiere Opening School Night 2012

Welcome to our new school year.  This is not your ordinary school.  
This is a school that thrives on the love of learning, experience, and discovery.
It doesn't get any better than this.  But in this format, there is always the chance it does!

Here are my students ready to enter Lord Grenville's Ball held at Edward's Mansion in gorgeous Redlands, CA.  My sixteen-year old just has to be different.  He has always had an interest in the history of Guy Fawkes, not the silly protestors of Occupy Wall St.

Here we are waiting to be introduced at the ball:
Yes, our homeschoolers...socialize!

And learn how to do Victorian dances:

Later, attendees were invited upstairs for refreshments and pictures.  Deserts included: cream puffs with a candy seal of the Scarlet Pimpernel and chocolate and white chocolate music note cake pops. 
In addition, each child had a sugar cookie with a famous painting on top.
Eva shows us her Rembrandt:

Flaming June:
 Napoleon Crossing the Alps:
More Rembrandt:

More socializing:

Latin classmates and friends:

And more dancing.  That's my sixteen-year old doing a waltz:

When have Sir Percy and Lady Blakeney, AKA the Scarlet Pimpernel, ever visited your school?
What an honor!

Eva was asked a couple of times by several dashing young gentlemen to dance, 
but sadly turned them down.  Finally, she accepted a dance with her brother:
More dancing:

Waiting for Lorenzo to perform a Liszt piece on the piano:

After the Scarlet Pimpernel presented himself to the students, they received their mission to join in league with him to seek truth, goodness, and beauty everywhere, especially in art and music.  They all received their rings to make their own seals for the year, and next they learned their school song performed by several of the brave and courageous moms. 

At the end of the evening, it was time for class pictures:
(I'm sorry, but this looks like one big wedding party.  I'm looking for the bride and groom!)
Including family pictures with the Scarlet Pimpernel and Lady Blakeney:

One last view of the mansion:

Parting supplies included our school poster (below), school t-shirts with Touch of the Master's Hand logo, and a smaller version of the poster trading card.
This entire evening was created by the boundless energy and tireless dedication of mothers who take their children's education and upbringing extremely seriously.  It's just that simple.
Here's to another fabulous year!

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