Lorenzo Graduates: one down, four to go

Well, it's official!  My first experiment in homeschooling has graduated high school.  Looking back, it feels as if time flew and that only yesterday I started homeschooling Lorenzo through a homeschool storefront.  But it has been twelve years.

Pastor presents Lorenzo with a gift
He truly was an experiment because I really did not know what I was doing, and I had to develop a plan as I went along.  My son's only complaint was that we often changed the way we homeschooled. For example, his first two years we were with the homeschool storefront and used their curriculum. When we left the storefront, I was winging it for a couple of years with used workbooks.  Then I implemented the ambitious Well-Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer for four or five years.  And finally, we joined a group of mom's doing Epic Adventures for his last three years, in which he participated in Latin, drama, writing, and literature classes.  

Pastor prays for Lorenzo
Nonetheless, I think he got what he needed to be well-rounded, self-educated, and capable.  I think his classical piano training helped him immensely, as well.  He even added college classes to his high school schedule since he was fifteen-years old.  Because he maintained straight A's in college, he was invited to join Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, which provides him with some benefits and possible scholarships.

At church yesterday, he was presented with a gift from our pastor and the congregation, and Pastor prayed for him.  This fall he will begin a full schedule at the community college, and then in a year or two transfer to a four-year university.  He is looking to study finances and accounting, particularly actuarial science.  He has a lot of planning and research to do.

Congratulations, Lorenzo.

P.S. My note to moms and dads beginning the homeschool journey: you can homeschool your high schooler.  In fact, in my opinion, by high school, they should be teaching themselves already.


Tori said...

Congratulations! How happy you must be =)Lorenzo is a perfect young man thanks to wonderful parents!

Ruth said...

Thank you, Victoria.