Second Chance at Riley's Apple Farm in Oak Glen

We finally had an opportunity to revisit Riley's Apple Farm in Oak Glen. We were able to take the nature trail, which was very nicely designed. It took us about an hour. We saw lots of dragonflies and bees, lizards, birds, and squirrels. And there were some strange sounds coming from the grass, which we could not identify.

Here we are starting out.

Lorenzo doesn't know how to read signs.

Gianna and a native tree.

Entering the tree trail

Vin and a rock

Eva on a rock

Eva wouldn't sit down. She rode in her stroller standing up to look at everything.

Best sisters, for now

This reptile allowed Lorenzo to get this close to take a picture.
This was a floating dock, so everyone was a little nervous about taking the picture as it rocked and rolled. Plus there was a maximum weight limit.

Gil said the sun was in his eyes, so I suggested we pretend like we are looking somewhere else so the sun wouldn't hurt his eyes.

I wish this was our backyard!

Taking a rest on the boardwalk

Gianna found a peacock tail feather. Lucky her. It's now hanging on her wall.
We stopped at Oak Tree Village -- a little place where they sell hand-crafted items.

Vin wasn't so sure about the hand-crafted bear.

Eva was sure she did not like the bear.
Lorenzo is a Dodger fan.
Eva on a hand-crafted airplane

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