The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

Today we took the kids to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. There are exhibits of animals from North America and Africa and an extensive gem exhibit. Lorenzo and Gianna enjoyed the gems because Gianna likes diamonds and Lorenzo is facinated with minerals. There is also a wonderful insect zoo for children.

The kids check out animals of North America.

That's a bigmouth shark. I'll say.

Gianna and a dinosaur

Look out behind you, Vin!

Watch out, Soph!

Run, Gianna!

No comment.

Vincent meets a racoon skin.

Eva liked it.

Yep, they're sharp.

Gianna poses with hissing cockroaches.

Sophia and Vincent looking at insects.
Pavilion of Wings is a butterfly garden exhibit outside of the museum. This was so much fun for the kids, although Vincent was a little intimidated by butterflies floating past his head.

Vincent looking at an orange butterfly.

We called this a tiger-striped butterfly.

If you looked closely you could see chrysalises and caterpillars all around.

A black and blue butterfly.

Vincent and Eva looking all around at butterflies.
I should build one of these in my backyard. Thinking about it...

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justice2842 said...

Looks like the kids really enjoyed the museum. I remember taking Ruth and Joey along with the Inzarillo kids to the Museum of Natural History.