Cal Earth Institute - Hesperia, CA

In keeping with our Ancient Roman studies, we visited Cal Earth (http://calearth.org/) to study roman arches, vaults, and domes. The kids love this place because they get to see how to build homes in ways that are different from what they are accoustomed to, yet they function in the same way as typical wood frame homes. In fact, one could say these homes make more sense because they are cool in the summer without using artificial ways of cooling, and they are the best structures for earthquakes and fires. Plus they use resources from the surrounding enviornment, so there is never any waste. This is smart.

Gianna and her friend

Sophia is thinking about climbing up.

Vincent and Eva

Lorenzo and his friend

The group

The kids also love this place because they get to climb on most of the structures.
Sophia almost made it to the top.

Vincent found a good place to sit for a lecture in the dome structure made of brick.

This structure is huge inside!

The above home has three large living spaces.

Lorenzo peeking inside from the roof.

Unfinished structures

In this structure, they heat rocks and then bring them inside the dome and place them under rocks causing steam and creating a sauna effect.

Learning how to fill he sandbags

This is a three-bedroom home.

The kitchen

Sophia helping to build an arch with bricks
This is the finished arch; however, it did not stay up when the form was removed.
But they had a good lesson on how to construct one of the strongest forms in arcitecture:
the arch.

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