All Roads Lead to Rome Presentations

Gianna gave a presentation on the solar system. She made this model in a box with clay planets. She explained what makes up our solar system: our sun, eight planets, 166 moons, three dwaft planets, astroids, comets, meteroids, and interplanetary dust.
Sophia did her presentation on the moon, including the eight moon phases. For one month, she kept record of the moon phases in her journal.
In addition, the girls made a minature Roman road in the backyard. They dug a ditch and laid down large stones and rocks. Then they sprinkled it with small pebbles and sand to fill in the gaps. Actually, the Romans dug two ditches for drainage on either side of where they would lay the stone. Then they put down small stones and rocks. Lastly, they would place the large stones like a puzzle, on top and fill in the gaps with sand.
Roman roads were so well made and last to this day. Maybe governments today could learn from the Romans.
This is the end of our Artemis and the Hunt for the Golden Mean component. We studied Ancient Greek and Roman scientists and mathmeticians. We studied astronomy, simple machines, and classification of the natural world. We made platonic geometric shapes, measured out a Golden Rectangle, and wrote Fibonnaci numbers in roman numbers.

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