Dawn of Democracy: Forms of Government

We have begun our government component starting with Greece and the Dawn of Democracy. There are five basic forms of government: oligarchy = rule by a group; monarchy = rule by one; anarchy = absence of government authority; democracy = rule by majority; and republic = rule by law.

An oligarchy is the most common where a few elite rule the majority.

A monarchy is not always a true governmental rule by one because a king, prince, dictator, and the like, usually work in conjunction with their cohorts to rule the people. In essence, a monarchy acts like an oligarchy.
Anarchy does not last because often those who cause the break up of government, end up in the place of authority anyway, which is likely another oligarchy.

A democracy is not stable because once the majority realize that they can vote in those who will give them all they want, the people end up becoming the slaves to those they elected into power.

The best form of government is a republic as it limits government restrictions on our basic rights, which are life, liberty, and to pursue happiness, and protects them under the law or a constitution.

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