Happy Pi Day 2011

March 14 is celebrated as Pi Day, and we were invited to a Pi Day Party. The kids worked out math problems using Pi, pinned the radius on the circle, and ate yummy pies from pizza to chicken pot pie to ice cream pie and apple pie.
Later kids who memorized Pi to the most decimal points were awarded a prize.
Pi !
The first game was Pin the Radius on the Circle.
Sophia is marking her radius.



And Vin is a little off.

Next, the kids had to use these formulas to find the circumference, radius, and volume of two pies.

Gianna and the girls work it out.

Lorenzo and his group work out the numbers without a calculator.

The adults and kids were to memorize Pi before this day, and those who memorized the most decimal places would win fame and glory...ok, a trophy with candy.
Sophia is reciting Pi.

Kids 8 -13 were able to write Pi numbers down.

Fourteen and up were last. Lorenzo took the longest.

There was a Pi eating contest, too. The one who found the bubble gum and was able to blow a bubble first was the champion!

Finally, it was time to award the kids who memorized the most decimal places of Pi. Lorenzo memorized 109 places. (He only began memorizing it the night before!!)

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