Another Homeschool Day

It is Tuesday morning, 8:20. Everyone has finished eating breakfast and cleaned up.

Lorenzo is practicing his piano, and will do so for about an hour or more. Gianna is already going through her mountain of clothes that she and Sophia washed last night in one load and almost tipped the washing machine over. As soon as Sophia is done brushing her teeth, she will get to join her sister in the living room sorting through clean clothes. This should take about an hour.
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The little ones will mostly play with Lincoln Logs or blocks, read books, play outside- if it is nice, which it is NOT, or play on the key board. I will somehow find time to read books with them and help Vincent study his Awana, too. But if I do not, we will do it before bed time.

Once the girls are done, they will practice their presentations for final presentation day next month. Then they will dive into their Awana, which involves Scripture memorization, and their Libre Rector Vir, or Hero Guidebooks, which are a series of items they are to memorize, such as: a portion of the Declaration, Preamble to the Constitution, what the Pledge of Allegiance means, when the Declaration was adopted, when the Constitution was signed, 1-3 verses of the National Anthem, when it was written and by whom, names of our federal and state officials, Articles of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, placement of the states, and parts of the flag.

They have been studying these things all year long and soon will be tested, which they will receive rewards of their choosing. Gianna and Sophia have chosen a trip to see Annie in July at Victoria Gardens.

All I can say about Lorenzo is: he needs to get on it!!!

Later we do the dreaded math and grammar lessons, which are so short and simple, but they still complain. Gianna hates math, but she really does fine once she learns the lesson. And Sophia is starting to catch the *I-hate-to-work-hard-and-think* bug, so she just complains because she has to move the pencil around on her paper. Ugh. It is a very contagious infection in our house.

After lunch I will read to them from The American Revolution by Bruce Bliven, Jr. We have already gone through all the events leading up to the Constitution, but it does not hurt to read about the events again. While I read, the girls draw in their journals, and I know they are listening because Gianna is a sponge, and Sophia sits up and shouts, *Boston Tea Party!* or *Paul Revere!* because these things are familiar to her.

Finally, it is time to practice music. They really do all this on their own. I am NOT a music teacher and would only complicate matters if I tried to help.

Meanwhile, Lorenzo navigates through his day on his own. I do not stand over him like the gestapo telling him what to do. He knows that he has deadlines to meet, and it is his responsibility to meet them.

He has Latin to study, algebra to complete, and lines to memorize for The Eumenides. Actually, he knows his lines; he just needs to put some life into his character. (Not Lorenzo!)

He is also working on an animated timeline for the Roman Empire for his final presentation. This project is very time consuming. In addition, he is reading 1776 by David McCullough.

And that is what our home school day will be like, in addition to sporadic crisis interventions, diaper changes, numerous individual and group discipline sessions, and life in general.

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