Final Presentations

It is that time again: time for final presentations.
Sophia*s presentation is on the Liberty Bell. Mom made a cardboard Liberty Bell cut out, and Sophia copied the inscription on to the bell complete with crack.

She wrote some interesting key points on poster board: Did you know that the Liberty Bell got its name during the time leading up to the Civil War when it was used to promote the end of slavery; and when the War ended, the Bell was used to bring the North and South together again?

Gianna did her presentation on the Great Seal of the United States. She drew out both sides of the seal on a circle cut out of poster board, and then I helped her paint it. Did you know the front of the Seal is the United States coat of arms?

Did you also know that a Latin professor was the final designer of our Seal?

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justice2842 said...

Great work kids. You make your Grandpa proud.

Love, Grandpa Funaro