International Printing Museum in Carson, CA

We went to the International Printing Museum in Carson, CA with our homeschool group last Friday for the Constitutional Convention. Kids who wanted to read parts, took their place in the audience and read from cards when it was their turn. They represented the colonies and discussed issues like the president, large states, small states, and slavery. At the very end they signed the Constitution.
Ben Franklin headed up the Convention, and he did an excellent job.

He reviewed the present state of the new nation...
...and the state of each state.

Gianna represented North Carolina and read her parts.

Sophia is sitting between Lorenzo and Gianna and obviously not paying attention.

Lorenzo represented Georgia and read his part.

Another student is reading his lines. Look at Franklin in the background intensely in character.

Next, we watched a demonstration on the printing press.

Vincent, Sophia, and Gianna are in front.

Eva loves her big brother, Lorenzo.

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