Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach, CA

Our whole family finally had a vacation day and went to the Aquarium of the Pacific on Thursday.  
We got in on a good deal with another home school group.

 This was Gianna`s, Sophia`s, Vincent`s, and Eva`s first trip to this aquarium.
 Sophia likes the fish.

 Vincent checking out the fish
 Sophia and an eel
 Enjoying the touch tank with Dad

 Gianna feeding the Lorikeet
 Eva`s turn
 Touching more creatures

 Lorenzo likes the slimy, though friendly, sting rays.

 Little worms  (That is not what they are called.)
 Waiting for something to come by

 Eva examines a star fish.

 The underside of an octopus
 School of fish
 An otter playing above Vin
 School of fish again
 Sophia and the shark
 Sophia and the otter
 Gianna, Sophia, the otter and school of fish

 Above - my favorite.  He is so cute.
 Above - that is a fish,too.
 Adult sea horses
 two-week old sea horses

 Lorenzo and the shark

Dragon fish, I think.
God`s creatures are amazing!

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