Another School Prop

I have a bulletin board in the kitchen, and this year it will be Ye Knightly Watchman`s Post where I will pin up articles of current events pertaining to our year`s theme.  For example, I will be looking for articles regarding the world`s unfortunate ongoing conflict with Muslims.  One may have to dig deep for such things because it is not a  mainstream interest, but it is certainly ongoing and prevalent.  In addition, I will also keep posted examples of the continuous erosion of religious freedoms in America, especially the singling out of Christianity.  This is the reason our children need to be kept abreast of current events so that they may understand how urgent it is that they learn to stand up for the Truth.
 To make it look weathered, I did not treat the paper with care, obviously.  And I burned the edges and patted it with a used coffee pod.  You could also use a tea bag.  

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