Today we did art.  I have used Drawing with Children by Mona Brooks for several years now with my older children, but I have not used it with the two younger ones.  The lessons really simplify drawing by teaching you how to see objects, animals, or people in different elements, such as lines, dots, curves, and waves.  Lorenzo, Gianna, and Sophia have all won sponsor`s awards at the County Fair following several lessons out of this book.  Two years ago, Sophia even won Best of Show in her age group.  I highly recommend it.

This is Vincent`s first lesson, but honestly, I should have worked with him on the exercises before I had him do one of the lessons.  He still was able to follow along though.
Sophia did not really seem interested, but maybe it was because she has done this lesson so many times before.
Gianna always adds more to her pictures.
Vincent took his time coloring with marker using the technique that Mona teaches in her book.  
Vincent`s rendition of a bird.   Age 4
Sophia, age 6
Gianna  Age 11

Here are some past examples of their work using this program:
 Lorenzo did Lincoln in water colors when he was 12.
 Gianna did a toucan in markers when she was 10.
And Sophia won a sponsor`s award for this owl in colored pencil when she was 5.

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