Journals of Discovery

Today I put together the girls` Journals of Discovery.  (Lorenzo is not a journaly-kind of guy, he says, and he did not do much journaling last year; so I am not going to insist on him doing it this year.)  Journals of Discovery were added to Epic Adventures long before I ever joined the group by one of the other moms.  This is not my idea; but it is a great idea!  Each child, expect my son, keeps a journal for the school year.  Inside, they keep photos (printed off the computer) and keepsakes of all their adventures, field trips, experiments, projects, favorite quotes or Scripture, drawings or paintings of their favorite books or stories, etc.  They also are supposed to write often about their thoughts and ideas throughout the year in their journals.  It becomes almost like a personal year book.  My girls love to look over their journals again and again and remember all the exciting things we did and places we went and visitors we met.
 These journals are the hardcover sketch books which I found at Michael`s for $8 (with coupon).  I painted them in Old London font with acrylic or tempera paints.  OK, I could have done a better job of keeping the letters the same size, but it is too late now.  I will give them to the girls on their first official day of school in September.

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