Medieval Timeline

Another project I finished this week was the timeline.  I used butcher paper and rolled it out to the length of my hallway (a little over 16 feet).  On the left-hand margin I left space to paint the words England, Italy, France, and Misc. (as seen below).  We are going to study people, events, and things as they specifically relate to these areas.  Misc. would represent the Middle East and other areas in Europe or Asia as they may be part of our study.
Then I divided the upper margin into three sections: Early Medieval, High Medieval, and Late Medieval and painted those areas yellow, orange, and red, respectively (as seen below).  Then I broke up the centuries (17 inches each) and divided them into decades.
Early Medieval is generally 400 - 1000.
High Medieval is 1000 - 1300.
And Late Medieval is 1300 - 1500.
I still need to decide on a timeline piece, but for now I am thinking of index cards, 
which we can write our information on and tape to the timeline.  

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