Developing the Shield

This week the kids worked on their shields.  We used Design Your Own Coat of Arms An Introduction to Heraldry by Rosemary A. Chorzempa, an excellent resource for studying the components of a coat of arms and how to design your own.  We even learned a little blazonry, that is heraldic language.
 Sophia chose a Russian shield, in tinctures gold (or) and purple (purpure), a Per Bend parting of the field, and inverted lines of partition.  Her charges include a sun, sunflower, crown, and star with glitter, decorated with a knot atop her shield.  
 Vincent chose an oval shield, tinctures silver (argent) and red (gules), per bend parting the field, with rayonne lines of partition.  His charges are his best friend Buff and the name of Jesus.
 Gianna chose a European shield in tinctures blue (azure) and red (gules), per pale parting the field, potenty lines of partition, and a canton in the right corner with a lozenge sub-ordinary.  Her charges are a hummingbird and the Bible.
 Here Eva is quickly finishing hers.
And her shield is a lozenge with mixed tinctures gules, azure, vert, and or.
Now you know a little blazonry, too.
Gianna challenges Sophia to no avail.

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