Limbourg Brothers for Art

Given that Friday was the first day of autumn, and that on Fridays we study art, I showed the kids more images from the Dutch painters, the Limbourg Brothers, and their Book of Hours.  So their project was to paint a picture of fall for their own Book of Hours.   

Here is Sophia's interpretation of fall: our house, and in the windows you may see that Mom is sleeping because she has had a hard day, and Dad is cooking because Mommy is sleeping.
 Here is Gianna's painting of a colorful tree, geese flying south, and bunnies burrowing underground.  Notice the clouds reflecting the sun's orange light.
 And this is Vincent's picture of him and Eva outside wearing red and yellow sweaters, raising their arms in joy for fall, with colorful leaves in the air and on the ground.  I helped Vin with the gold outlining around the top, obviously.  

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