Opening Feast Night

Opening Feast Night gets the kids excited about their school year, although for many of us it has already begun.  The goal is to become knights by the end of the year, so they must complete different requirements before they are knighted.  

Opening night means getting dressed in period dress - everyone, including dads.  
Here is Gianna's hairstyle for the night:

And here is Gianna with her friend, Maya.

While everyone else was a knight or shield maiden, Lorenzo wanted to be a Viking.  
He made his own costume.  

Our feast was held at a farm/pumpkin patch in Redlands, CA.  Our area was set up with tables set in a U-shape with a raised table for the king and queen.  A herald announced the beginning of festivities, Gil gave the blessing before we ate, and then dinner was served.  

While we waited for our food, all the families had an opportunity to share their family crest/banner and motto.  Gianna was our spokesperson for our family:
(Regretfully, we do not have a decent camera to work in low light or far distance.  Sorry.)

After dinner, there was time to socialize.  Here is Katy, Giselle, Gianna, Lorenzo, Sophia, and Zech.  These are the kids' friends from last year, our Greek & Roman year.

Later, the kids learned a medieval dance.  Lorenzo tried to get out of this one, but the herald threatened to embarrass him if he did not.  So, here he is with Giselle and Katy:

Here are Gianna and Sophia dancing, too:

Next, the king and queen knighted Sir Daren, so that the kids could see what being knighted will be like after they complete their requirements as pages and squires throughout the year.

And now Sir Daren asks the children to pledge to obey and serve as pages on their journey to becoming knights:
Afterward, they received their badges as pages, which were really their school t-shirts.

Finally, it was time for group pictures:

One more word on opening nights: this is when most dad's get to see all of the work that goes into homeschooling their kids, as it is usually mom who is the main educator.  And dads are impressed because truly this is a wonderful way to prepare a kid's heart for a lifetime of learning.

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