Spoiled Americans

Let's admit it: Americans are generously privelaged.  Unfortunately, SOME are appallingly ungrateful; hence, the pathetic occupy protests. 

Oh, please!  These Americans are spoiled, rotten brats.  They have had everything handed to them since birth and do not know what it is to suffer or sacrifice, let alone labor and strive hard for their needs or wants. The most important lesson they have missed, however, is service.  They know nothing of service to others.  They only know and continue to expect others to wholely serve them simply because they earned it due to their existence.

Their ungratefulness is not due to corrupt or unfair business practices of some, or because corporations make profits, or because capitalism allows some business to exist and others to cease, or because we actually have to pay for goods and services we want.  Their ungratefulness is due to years and years of training them into believing that they are self-righteous, good, and worthy without even having anything to show for it.  They have been given everything unconditionally without having to earn it.  They have never been taught to serve others, but rather to be served, praised, and worshipped: a recipe for disaster.

Here Bill Whittle suggesst why he needs three-and a half days to straighten them out and what he would do to solve their deficiency of ungratefulness.  It's a start, but I believe so much damage has been done to the American psyche, that it may take a lot longer than three days.

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Tori said...

I find it ironic that today I had a conversation with an 8 year old on how he doesn't NEED a phone to text his friends! Then I told him that my son can borrow my pay by the minute phone when he drives that car late at night. Already at 8, he is entitled!