A Medieval Christmas Festival

 This was our booth where we sold reliquaries and pretiolas (pretzels).  Others sold sea shells from Spain, oranges from China, fritters, fire-pit roasted apples, gingerbread, pasties, and wassail.  There were booths to weave ribbons, paint illuminations, and play chess or Nine Men's Morris.  

 In the beginning, we went a-wassailing, singing "Here We Come A-Wassailing."
 The kids were given bags of silver and gold coins to go from booth to booth to buy food or items.

Later, the Latin group put on a Mummers play.  (See video below)

 And the younger group put on the medieval Christmas reenactment of The Three Shepherds Play.

 One of the moms gave a medieval dance lesson, too.

 It was a beautiful day, and another wonderful addition to our experience of medieval Europe.

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