Final Presentations

Yesterday was another presentation day.  
Lorenzo composed music on his iMusic program for the play "Everyman" that the young adults are going to present at the end of the school year.  He said it helps him to remember his lines.  
Essentially, he's turning the play into a musical.

The girls presented their salt-dough map of Italy and highlighted the 
places and people we studied throughout the component.  
Here they are practicing at home:

The presentations are broken up into younger and older groups with an intermission in between.
We also sang our school song and "All creatures of our God and King" in English and Italian.
In between presentations, Sara, our master Italian chef, served homemade baked ziti and cannolis.
Here is our group picture:

The students are extremely creative and intriguing with their projects.  
What a talented and entertaining group of young people! 

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