Finally! Giotto, the Italian Fresco Painter

Finally, I have acquired some pictures from our Giotto/fresco day at our home.
I was a little distracted with everything happening that I did not have time to take pictures; 
although I did take three group pictures, and they were blurry.
Other moms have shared pictures - yay!

Here is Lorenzo being a good sport, dressed in a cloak, and pretending to be Giotto.
He presented key points to the group about Giotto and how to paint frescoes.

Here he is with his friend, Giselle, from Latin class:


Here he is with the Morenco family:

There were about thirty kids painting this day.
Here are some working on color wheels and frescoes:

 And here is Sophia working on her fresco:

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Amanda said...

I'm sorry we had to miss this one. I hear is was a complete success.