Ye Science Faire

Today was our Science Faire at Lady Prara's Castle.
Gianna did a presentation on Medieval and modern dragons 
and determined if dragons were real and living among us today.


And Raider, who is checking out Gianna's project, is living proof
that dragons do live among us today:

Lorenzo had to stand in as Merlin at the last minute.
He gave out certificates to all the participants:

Here, Gianna is giving her presentation:

And Sophia gave hers on Rainbows:

Lorenzo's was on Alchemy and its effects on science:

There were also presentations on:
 stirrups for horses during the Middle Ages 
finger prints
calcium in water
owl pellets
solids, liquids, and gases
making carbon dioxide
Fibonacci numbers
rocket propelling airplanes
blubber experiments
volcanoes exploding
static electricity
mixtures and solutions
iron research

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