Costa's Hummingbird

Last night, during a rain and hail storm, a little Costa's hummingbird came to our porch.  Gianna thought it  may have been hurt by hail.  I thought he was cold. We picked him up and put him in our butterfly cage.  Then we did some research that told us what kind of hummer it was and that they are used to sub-freezing temps.  Then we tried to let him go from the back porch, but he continued to fly toward the lights and would not fly away.  So we collected him again and put him in the cage and kept him inside for the night.  In the morning, we let him go.

Gianna was able to take him out by her hand, and he perched on her fingers and peeped.

 Then he poked his beak around like he was looking for food.
 Then he flew up to the feeder and took a few drinks, but mostly he just perched there until another Coast's hummingbird attacked him. 

When Gianna touched him on the feeder, he flew down to the ground, where he is now; but I hope he leaves soon because a predator could find him.   

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