Another Epic Closing Night

Last night was our closing night for Swords of Honor.  
It was held at the same farm as opening night.
Squires had to earn colored ribbons at each station.
Eva is demonstrating the Armor of God station by picking up pieces of armor.  
Older students had to recite Ephesians 6.

Another station was for jousting.  This was Vincent's favorite.


Lorenzo:  older squires had to use one hand.

Then squires had to test their chivalry by sword fighting.  Vincent said he already killed Eva when he got her in the cheek with his sword, but she continued to fight on.  I do not know if that was chivalrous.

Each station was posted with a sign.  This was the archery station:

Gianna did very well and shows us where she shot her arrow in the black.

Here is Sophia:

 This was the Maypole station:


 Vin and Eva:

Even Lorenzo did the Maypole dance.


There was a game station.  Not the kind you plug in either.

 Lorenzo and Giselle:

And then we enjoyed a Shakespeare play put on by some of the squires.
Here is Joan of Arc.

 Some squires were able to fight the dragon:

They eagerly await to defeat him, but he was cowardly.

Yet, eventually he was defeated:

And they still went after him:

Here Sophia is showing her shield with all her ribbons:

Gianna, too:

And Lorenzo:

Before dinner we took a group photo.  
Vin and Eva are waiting for everyone to be ready.

Here we are, but no one looks ready:

Lorenzo and some of his Latin classmates:

There's Sophia:

And Gianna:

 And finally, the moment we were waiting for: the knighting ceremony.
Gianna and Sophia were knighted by the King and Queen of our court:
Gianna, Maiden of Grace; Sophia, Maiden of Perseverance.
Lorenzo was not knighted because he served as herald, but he would have been
Sir Lorenzo, Knight of Responsibility.
These were virtues that they chose to work on throughout the year.

Then newly knighted knights had to declare their vows:

And after dinner, dessert, and the ceremony, we were treated to a slideshow of our whole school year.
It was another epic night!  

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