The Hundred Years' War Game

An inquiry the girls did for the Joan of Arc component was to invent a fun way to learn about the Hundred Years' War.  So they came up with a card game, although it somewhat came together while it was coming together. 

First, we began with key people, events, places, and things of the War; and then Mom printed out pictures and key points.

The girls suggested a color coded system, such as red for kings, green for places, brown for battles, dark blue for other significant people, orange for things, light blue for treaties, etc.

We played the card game like War and Old Maid, but there were some problems.

The best way to play the game is like concentration (memory game) or Uno, in which you match cards either by color or if they are connected in some way (see key points on card).

But don't get caught with the Black Plague card!

Sophia's idea was to add a gold backing with the Miles Christi Sum emblem on the back of each card.  

And Gianna designed the box to store the cards.

It is definitely a fun way to learn about the Hundred Years' War.

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