Art and Music Year Timeline

I finally found time to prepare for the school year, and thanks to my husband who took a day off from work and went out with the kids for several hours, I was able to work.

One thing I did was our timeline, which is really for me because I prefer to see how events fit together in the grand scheme of things.  I don't know that my kids really fully appreciate the function of a timeline, yet.  

I used contractor's paper, about 15 feet, and marked off the years from 1400-1920, the years we will study.  I broke them up into decades, as I did on our Medieval year timeline.  I painted a two-foot white strip at the top and smaller colored strips to indicate a new art/music era.  Then I labeled the years accordingly: 

Renaissance (1400-1600)

Reformation (1500-1600)
Baroque (1600-1750)
Classical (1750-1850)
Romantic (1820-1900)
Impressionist/Early Modern (1870-1915)

The long and complete view down the hallway:

For our time pieces, we will cut music notes, picture frames, and open books out of index cards to display on the timeline.  Last year I printed out small images of the person, event, or thing, and the kids glued them onto the shields, also cut out of index cards, and labeled them with date(s) and important information; this year we will do the same thing.  The music notes will indicate music facts, picture frames will indicate art facts, and open books will be for world events.

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