Michelangelo: Painting Up

I wanted to focus this day on the Sistine Chapel, therefore, I had the kids watch a couple of lectures and virtual tours of the Chapel and the ceiling.  We know where the Chapel is, what it looks like on the outside, and what the stories and who the people are on the ceiling and walls.

Then I asked them what they would like to do with the info we just collected, and they all shouted that they wanted to paint on the ceiling, which is the one activity I was hoping they would not think of.  I had no idea how to set this up.  But of course, they came up with most of the ideas, and I just allowed them to take charge.
 Sophia painted under the table:
Sophia got lazy and laid on her back, and sometimes used her feet: 
Eva worked under the table, too:
Vincent did not want to paint under the table, so he chose working under the ladder:

This looks so uncomfortable:
 Gianna was the only one on the table:

I gave them the assignment to paint a favorite Bible story or character.  Sophia painted Joseph either before his striped coat or after he is robed in God's glory.  You interpret.
Eva's picture is Pharaoh in his chariot chasing the Israelites, yep.  You cannot see the chariot because there is a thunderstorm.
Vincent's is a picture of Joseph also. You see, it is very tedious work.
Gianna's is a picture of the plague of frogs on the Egyptians:
And Mom is just glad it is all over and everything is cleaned up.


Kiley said...

Looks fun... And messy! I have been waiting for my kids to ask to do this. So far no one has thought of it. I think we will try frescoes this week. Yours turned out great!

Ruth Lopez said...

Thanks, Kiley. The kids had fun, and the three younger ones did two paintings each. The mess actually wasn't so bad b/c I put down drop cloths. However, that did not help Sophia from painting her face and clothes!