We Love Reading!!!!

This is what our house looks like after we return from the library!  We love books, and we love reading!  My youngest would have been reading, too, but she was not feeling well and went to take a bath.

I know that when we walk in the door, I can forget about finishing up any school work because these kids are going to be distracted by the books they took home.

Everyone goes to their own little corner to look through the new books, and my house usually looks like a tornado went through it.
By the end of the day, my second oldest will have read almost half the books she checked out.
Even though we max out all four library cards, it seems like by the end of the week, we need to go back to the library to check new books out.  Sometimes we keep checking out books to re-read, as it seems new books aren't being written fast enough.

OK, when that happens, we just need to go to a different library.

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