Galileo Galilei at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles

After a crappy night of no sleep from disbelief that half the Americans who even bother to vote re-elected this one, that we may eventually look like Greece, I dragged my children to one of the most liberal, elitist Democrat crevices of the nation...Los Angeles, (yes, if you don't believe liberal Democrats are rich and elitist, go to Griffith Observatory).  

ANYWAY, I managed.  I had to put politics aside; it was for the kids.  We were there to meet Galileo Galilei.   

Standing under his statue

Galileo asked the kids to name the eight planets, and Sophia named Venus.  She was able to participate in a mock solar system.

Here the planets are all revolving around the earth, which Galileo later discovered was incorrect.  He agreed with Copernicus that the system was actually heliocentric.

The group with Galileo


And later we walked around the museum.

And a trip to Los Angeles is never complete without a nice smoggy day. I'm sure it's a nice view.

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Melissa said...

I was glad that we had somewhere to go the day after the election to get my mind off of it! This was a really fun trip!