A Study of Rembrandt

We are enjoying our study of Baroque artists.  We began with Rembrandt, known for his chiaroscuro and tenebrism (lights and darks), emotion, fancy costumes, and self-portraits.

Rembrandt Self Portrait
Rembrandt produced as many as 90 self-portraits in his lifetime, more than any other known artist.
Rembrandt Self Portrait Wide Eyed 1630
Old Man in Military Costume 1630-31
We like this one because this one because we were able to view it at 
the Getty Museum in Los Angeles a few years ago.
Here is Lorenzo and Old Man in Military Costume:

This one is quite gruesome:
The Anatomy Lecture of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp 1655-57
I really love the emotion in this painting:
Belshazzar's Feast 1635
One of Rembrandt's most famous, The Night Watch, which is not a night watch at all.

The Night Watch 1642

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