Jan Vermeer Art Lesson

Girl with a Pearl Earring
Woman in Blue Reading a Letter
Today we reproduced artwork from Jan Vermeer using an idea from Jujujems Art and Photo blog.  We used two pieces of art, The Girl with a Pearl Earring and Woman in Blue Reading a Letter.  The second piece is scheduled to be at the Getty in Los Angeles, and I am hoping to get to the Getty while it is there, and that is why I chose that piece.

The younger kids traced either piece and then pressed the outline onto white paper.

Using black marker they went over the pencil outline. 

Then they colored using oil pastel, and smudged with a Q-tip and oil.

Any color we did not have in pastels, they used paint. 
Sophia, age 8
Sohpia, age 8
Vincent, age 5
Eva, age 4
Gianna, age 13

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