Tchaikovsky, Friedrich, and Railroad Museums

Our field trips are the best. We always go home a little tired and with a mighty appetite.  It's a good thing.

Today we opened our Romantic Period.  We spent the day at Mormon Rocks in San Bernardino listening to Tchaikovsky, creating Russian names for ourselves, and then hiking up into a hill to meet Caspar David Friedrich who would teach us how to create atmospheric perspective using water color.
Atmospheric perspective of the San Gorgonio Mountains
in Southern California

Heading up the trail:

Beautiful sights:

Oh, look!  Caspar David Friedrich is just preparing to paint:

Now the students paint.  They pull out their paints, brushes, and water bottles and practice atmospheric perspective.

Lorenzo's atmospheric perspective
This is Vincent's perspective of the mountains:
We always get a group shot with our visitor:

Gianna gets Caspar's autograph in her journal:

After lunch, it was time to head to the San Bernardino Railroad Museum:

Our group was given a tour of the facility and its collection of history of San Bernardino:

Look at these guys.  Guns are like accessories.

Trains pass by the depot frequently.

One more group shot with our tour guy:

Another perfect day at school!

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