Painting Like Claude Monet

This was so much fun.  We painted like Claude Monet using a 10 minute Youtube clip.  (See below.)

I cut the art paper in half so that the kids work with a smaller space and it does not seem overwhelming.  We used acrylic or water color in a tube and the same flat brush to paint with.
Painting like an impressionist is fun because you do not have to focus on too many details and you mix your paint right there on the paper.   Here are some of the steps in our painting process:

I like to use masking tape around the edge of the paper because it creates a white border 
and keeps the paper in place on the table.

Begin with the water using a horizontal "tache" stroke, 
which is touch in French (according to the guy in the Youtube video).

Next, add the vertical marks of green reflection.

Add horizontal marks for lily pads.

And last add the highlights and tiny water lilies.

Gianna, age 13


Eva, age 4

Vincent, age 5

Sophia, age 8

See this easy tutorial on how to paint like Monet:

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