Reminiscing my son's piano career with more Romantic Composers

We are finishing up our study of Romantic composers, and I like to show my younger children videos of their older brother playing the very pieces we are studying.  Several of my younger ones were not even born yet when Lorenzo performed these.

Lorenzo has had a long career in piano - ten of those years with Dr. Minasian.  She has provided Lorenzo a rare opportunity to develop his talent and gift in musical theory, memorization, and performance, and I have enjoyed listening to beautiful classical music in my home for a long time while he practiced.

Sadly, it is coming to an end because this month will be Lorenzo's final piano performance.  It is very emotional for me because of all the time and sacrifice that has gone into this journey.  I remember all the years my husband and I sat in the audience wondering when Lorenzo's feet would touch the ground so he could use the foot pedals of the piano.  And just witnessing his beautiful progression under the instruction of Dr. Minasian left me in awe.

I know it was not a waste, and maybe someday he will return to the piano, but for now I still have the memories to enjoy the beautiful music he made.  Here are a few Romantic composers performed over the years:

F. Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody no. 2 for 8 hands, 2010, age 14:

 F. Liszt: La Campanella, 2012, age 16:

 F. Liszt: Liebestraum, 2009, age 13: (start at 5:21)

Grieg: Noctune, No. 1, 2007, age 11:

Chopin: Minute Waltz, 2006, age 10:


For more Romantic composers by Lorenzo on piano:

Click here to see Lorenzo play Anton Dvorak: Legends Op. 59, No. 9 as a duo.

Click here to see Lorenzo play Mendelssohn: Songs Without Words, Op. 53, No. 6.

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Amanda said...

We loved watching all these videos. He is so talented and hard working.