Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, CA

This morning we went to the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, CA.  This was our first time, and I would definitely go back again.  We stayed for five hours.  My only complaint is that we could not bring food or drinks inside the gardens, forcing me to either drag around four complaining children or buy the Park's really expensive and very fancy food from the cafe.  

Nonetheless, after re-fueling, we had so much fun, and enjoyed every moment.  Here are some of the sights:
Inside the Japanese Conservatory:

Playing with carnivorous plants: 

The Hobbit door:

Playing with water in the Children's Garden:

A hummer, of course:

Odd plants:

Magnetic black stuff:

In the Art Gallery:
Mary Cassatt Breakfast in Bed:

Greek sculpture:

An Andy Warhol:

George Washington:

George Washington by Charles Peale Polk:

and more George Washington by Gilbert Stuart:

Diana, Goddess of the Hunt:

Strange flowers:

Me reading - (I actually finished my quota of 14 pages for the day) 

Playing on the lawn:

Lots of Gainsboroughs:

Especially Blue Boy:

Lots of Joshua Reynolds:

A Gutenberg Bible:

Achilles' shield:

 J.M.W. Turner - Girls Surprised Bathing by Moonlight:

My favorite - the library, with floor to ceiling collections of books!

And the beautiful jungle and lily ponds:

Extremely friendly fish:

And thank goodness this is not a carnivorous plant because this leaf would just eat Vincent right up!

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